Nylon mono cast net
Drawstring cast net
Bottom pocket cast net



        A cast net is a circular net with weights around its outer perimeter, thrown or hspace=0cast in such a manner that it opens out and falls over a small school of fish, trapping them underneath, Most twentieth-century cast nets have hand lines, one end of which is attached to the throwers wrist. The other is attached to lines (brails) that go through a ring at the center  of the net and are secured at intervals to the outer perimeter. After the net has been cast over fish and has settled to the bottom, the hand line is used to pull it in. This closes the outer circle of the net, the brail lines pulling the weights in to the center of the net.
   The number  of starting knots (mesh) you use to begin your net will determine, in part, the amount of parachute effect the net has it sinks to the bottom. The more pronounced parachute effect, the more the fish will be able to bounce around under its dome without scooting out from under it before the leadline circle settles to the bottom. By contrast ,a flat net will allow the fish to bounce off and escape straight out from under it before the leadline reaches the bottom.



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