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Caring for your  net

---Prior to using your net,let it soak overningt in asolution of freshwater and fabric softner this will soften & lubricate the monofilament netting & braille lines,as well sa relax the netting from tight packinghspace=0

---Inspect your net before every use,mending any cuts or tears.

---rinse your net with freshwater & hang until the leadline completely dry.DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICALS SUCH AS BLEACH,SOAP.TAR REMOVER,ETC TO CLEAN YOUR NET.

---Never hang your net with the leadline off the ground.This will tighten the knots & will remove the broken-infeel

---Store your net in a cool dry environment.Never expose it to the sun for extended periods because sunlight may be harmful to the monofilamenthspace=0

---Using your net in areas of reefs,rocks or other submerged objects could lessen the life span of your cast net.Avoid these areas if possible.


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