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   We have chosen the highest grade of limp monofilament netting available which is not standard by any means in the cast net industry today.  hspace=0 In the market youll see many different names of cast nets that simply use cheaply made monofilament which causes the netting to have a stiff coarse feel to it, therefore not opening to the nets maximum potential when thrown. Also when having a coarse feel,this causes the net to have a bushy type appearance causing it to take up more space in your hand which in turn makes it harder to load and also harder to hspace=0throw. Having a limp net is important, it allows you to load your net easier, it throws nicer, opens larger and is obviously more effective at catching more live bait when your net has a larger spread. Another important feature is at the end of the day,your cast net curls up nice into your bucket without it springing back out like a jack in the Box net. Casting Nets has gone beyond the norm to supply cast net fisherman with a very limp net that youll be delighted to throw.

 0.28-0.45mm  3-12FT   3/4,3/8,1/2,1  0.75LB,1LB,1.25LB


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